Fiery Squirrel is a developer of digital games. As a one-man team, the goal is to craft simple and small but innovative games that deliver enjoyable experiences for players.

Released Games

Fluff Eaters

An unusual adventure about a purple cat against a bunch of Fluffs. Casual platformer for Android and iOS. Presented at Tokyo Game Show, Pax South and Tokyo Indie Fest.

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In Development


Simple strategy action game in which you have to defend your planet from evil aliens using the power of cooperation and your awesome abilities.

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Kuon's Saga

Epic journey about a cute fox-like creature that saves other beings by making them invisible. Casual action game for Android and iOS.

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Challenge your senses and your brain, focusing on exciting sequences and unravel the mistery behing this colorful world. Casual game for Android and iOS.

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Fantastic adventure of a magically imprisoned creature trying to recover its powers and break free. Top-down action puzzler for Computers and Consoles.

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Be a hero, save as many chicks as you can by returning them to their baskets. Game made for Venezuela Duel Jam 2015. Won first place in the competition.

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Gather as many Sakura petals as you can and make your dreams come true. Casual game for Android and iOS. Soon to be fully developed

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Transform into the very personalities of KamiCats and help Sagaru bring peace again to a world brought to its knees by an unknown force.

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Simple endless platformer in which you have to excape from the big, hungry creature that wants to eat you. First game made for Ludum Dare

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Try to eat as many kiwis as possible while escaping from danger, moving over walls of a squared world. Made for Ludum Dare. Possibly a game for mobile devices.

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Solve challenging puzzles while changing colors in this action platformer. Reach portals until you escape from evil forces. Will be released as a full game for Computer and Consoles.

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Save the only yellow boots albino panda in the world while the universe lost its colors in the ultimate end of the universe platform game.

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Serpens Ruby

Ruby has to collect as much gems as she can, if she misses gems, the snake will eat them and its tail will grow up, when the tail reaches the head, the game is over

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Goal It!

Score as many goals as possible and beat your rival!