Game Developer

The Developer

Hello, my name is Henry Fernández, I’m the creator of Fiery Squirrel. I’m a Venezuelan game developer dedicated entirely to this field and I enjoy creating games of a variety of genres. I studied computer engineering and started making games since I learned how to program. From very simple projects at the university to complete projects that you can download now. While I’m learning how to make better games, I’m also focused on studying game design, learning how to create and improve the experience for players. In addition to programming and design, I have always loved graphics stuff and I’m practicing a lot to learn how to illustrate and create aesthetically good looking stuff too.

The Squirrel

The idea of Fiery Squirrel was born in January 2014, when I was about to release Fluff Eaters (my first complete project) and I wanted a name to publish it. After looking for different names (Acure Games, Henry Kun, etc), I started to search for names of rare animals endemic to my country and found the Fiery Squirrel. I read a bit about the specie and it turned out that it was a very interesting animal (not really, it’s a common squirrel that lives in South America). Besides that, the name sounds extremely funny to me (in English and even funnier in Spanish) and I decided to use it. All the stuff related to Fiery Squirrel are a work in progress, they will be evolving through time.

The Future

My plan is to have a portfolio about the games I make: releases, jams, prototypes, ideas and stuff related to game development. I would like to share my experience working with the tools I use as well, not only to keep a track of the progress I make but I think this is a good way to help others using the same tools or looking for different opinions. I have struggled a lot while I’m learning and sometimes it’s not easy to find good documentation or theory about what you are trying to do, even if it’s very simple so I hope this contributes somehow to make things easier for people who are in the same situation than me. I’m still learning about every single thing related to this field so you can expect changes, evolution and hopefully not so many mistakes.