Collow: Work in Progress


This is a quick post to keep you informed about what is going on with the project at the moment.


As you probably would guess, Fluff Eaters left a lot of horrible code with it once I finally launched it in both platforms, Android and iOS. After the release, with less pressure and more time to work, I decided to separate all the core modules of Fluff Eaters in different modules for Haxe/OpenFL. Basically this is, breaking the code, making it modular and with that, be able to share it with as many projects as I want without creating new code.

I’m planning to explain roughly what everything does and, of course, give a proper documentation to it in the near future.

So far I’m only uploading everything separated to github and will keep updating it while I make progress.

If you are interested, here is the github link.


These things are time consuming and there is no one else to do them but they have to be done anyway.

I updated the Collor’s website to something very simple with more information and the new design. Of course this is very basic but probably in the future it will get better depending on how things go.

I still have to fix it for mobile platforms but you can check it out here.

In addition, I updated the press kit for Fiery Squirrel and both games. For Collow it will get more stuff when the new trailer with new modes and stuff are done, you can visit it here.


New Stuff

There are a lot of new things in the game, at least a lot of new things to try, I haven’t implemented them all yet but for sure I will and, in case you are interested in being part of those tests, I’ll announce them when they are ready.


Along with the Collow’s brainstorming, a lot of new ideas came up as well, ideas for new games, simple and easy to implement. When I finish separating everything (the code) in modules and it’s stable, I’ll probably try to prototype some ideas and share them here.

Let me know if there is anything in particular you want to know.


Collow: Work in Progress

2 thoughts on “Collow: Work in Progress

  1. I was about to tell you that Collow’s website wasn’t adjusting properly on mobile until I read this post hehe. It doesn’t look that bad, though. Did you develop it?

    Also, it caught my attention that you decided to share Fluff Eaters’ code on Github. On one hand, it’s great because anyone could check directly on its code and learn how things work (and maybe even propose changes / improvements).

    On the other hand, however, there’s a problem. To get FE from the Playstore you need to pay. Anyone could just clone the repo and build the apk for themselves.

    You did mention on another post that FE was being pirated. I’m guessing because it’s on Github? Or was it before you uploaded it to the repo? Was that the reason why you decided to share the source code?

    1. henry says:

      A lot of questions, Mr. Héctor xD , very nice!

      I did develop the site myself, have to fix a lot of things but I’m trying to focus on the dev of the game, I think it’s better to have something and improve it than the previous shitty site.

      I’m not sharing the whole sorce code of Fluff Eaters, only generic modules to share between projects, I’m gonna explain that in a future post but are things such as: animation, sound, screen manager, statistics, stuff like that. The gameplay code stays here at the moment, anyway it’s not so difficult to mimic it I guess.

      I decided to share the code in case someone wants to use any of the modules I made for their own peojects, they can do it, in addition, if there is any suggestion or improvement from developers, would be nice to have better code. Still a lot of things to add and fix for all those modules, far from being ready yet.

      Have a nice day, Mr. Héctor 😉

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