Collow: Work in Progress


This is a quick post to keep you informed about what is going on with the project at the moment.


As you probably would guess, Fluff Eaters left a lot of horrible code with it once I finally launched it in both platforms, Android and iOS. After the release, with less pressure and more time to work, I decided to separate all the core modules of Fluff Eaters in different modules for Haxe/OpenFL. Basically this is, breaking the code, making it modular and with that, be able to share it with as many projects as I want without creating new code.

I’m planning to explain roughly what everything does and, of course, give a proper documentation to it in the near future.

So far I’m only uploading everything separated to github and will keep updating it while I make progress.

If you are interested, here is the github link.


These things are time consuming and there is no one else to do them but they have to be done anyway.

I updated the Collor’s website to something very simple with more information and the new design. Of course this is very basic but probably in the future it will get better depending on how things go.

I still have to fix it for mobile platforms but you can check it out here.

In addition, I updated the press kit for Fiery Squirrel and both games. For Collow it will get more stuff when the new trailer with new modes and stuff are done, you can visit it here.


New Stuff

There are a lot of new things in the game, at least a lot of new things to try, I haven’t implemented them all yet but for sure I will and, in case you are interested in being part of those tests, I’ll announce them when they are ready.


Along with the Collow’s brainstorming, a lot of new ideas came up as well, ideas for new games, simple and easy to implement. When I finish separating everything (the code) in modules and it’s stable, I’ll probably try to prototype some ideas and share them here.

Let me know if there is anything in particular you want to know.


Collow: Work in Progress

Collow: First Trial

Collow was published on Google Play before Fluff Eaters. A very simple game about following colors, putting into practice your memory and attention. Each color has its own particular sound and every color is different from each other.

The main purpose of publishing such a simple game before the one that took a long time and effort to be made?, testing the whole process of publishing an Android game on the market and trying to fail less when Fluff Eaters was released.

Main Menu

Of course this was not the only reason to create Collow, I truly believe that the idea has great potential and regardless it was successful or not, I wanted to make it.

The idea of a very simple game with simple mechanics came to my mind when I was working on Fluff Eaters, then I thought it could be implemented in a very short time. The core mechanics of the game, graphics and the most basic mode were created and released in less than a week.

Basic Gameplay Screen

The feedback from the whole process of this game was incredibly useful to improve things on Fluff Eater, how to design a good marketing strategy (at least one that actually helped), what game sites should I write in the first place, what to include on the emails to the press, how much time does it take to appear on the market, etc.

Although searching on the Internet can be very helpful to find answers to these questions, taking into consideration it’s the first game I release, wanted to experience it by myself and it helped a lot.

Initial Screen

In addition, a version on Newgrounds was published to get feedback of as many people as possible and the results were very good (in my opinion), you can play it here.

During that week, a lot of ideas came to my mind, to improve the visuals of the game, new interesting modes, features, etc but the game was released without them, precisely to do it as quick and simple as possible to get opinions and ideas about the core mechanics of the game and test its most basic form.

Few months later, the visuals design was improved, adding more value to the game, better look and feel, a lot of new modes, multiplayer capabilities, integration with the mobile (Android and iOS) services, and this is the result of those changes:

Main Menu

A set of new modes that include different ways of playing based on the same initial mechanics, some new features added to the basic way of playing and new challenges that enrich the game somehow.

new modes
Board Type and Difficulty Screen

Three different boards with more colors to make it more difficult and three levels of speed were added too. The new update will include a multiplayer mode and better integration with Google Play and Game Center (hopefully the iOS version will come soon as well, lot of work to do).

New Board and Graphic Design

Everything is a work in progress, it has not been all implemented yet but (hopefully) soon will be all ready to test, starting with the visual improvements, mobile markets integration and some new modes.

Since it is not a final design, probably a lot of things will change until it’s actually updated.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I wanted to talk a little bit about Collow before starting to write about OpenFL. When I first planned this, I wanted to give an introduction to the platform but I think it’s maybe not necessary and I’m going to skip all the basics and focus on specific things.

I will start with something I tweeted few days ago because I consider it’s difficult to get it working right without the proper documentation (I’m still learning about it), so next post will be about Creating an Extension with OpenFL.

Let me know if you want me to post about something in particular or have any question.

In case you haven’t tried Collow yet or want to wait for the new update, get it here.

Collow: First Trial