Console Games' Release Analyzer

This is a small tool that shows how many games were released or announced in a console for a specific period of time. For this first version, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch console results are included in the calculation.

In case you are making a game related to any of the consoles presented here or are just curious about trends during the past few years for game releases, these results could be very helpful, eg. marketing/release purposes.

Initially data from all years is presented in each chart but filters allow you to see a specific year or data type, includig releases in Japan, America and Europe.


Data is fetched from Wikipedia, you can check out the source: Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. Release dates for each game is extracted per region (Japan, America or Europe) and organized to be displayed in each chart properly. In case you want to know what specific tools were used to obtain and calculate this, please go to the following post.


Nintendo Switch


Nintendo 3DS


* Please consider that calculations might not be 100% accurate. Details in the parsing process might slightly affect the results (eg. skipping one release).