Cosmic Defenders: 1.0.2 Update Full Changelog

Posted on Tuesday 21st July, 2020

Hi everyone! Cosmic Defenders was updated with some changes that should help improve the overall experience. The following list includes all the new fixes and improvements:

  • [Bug] Dragon level, missiles out of the screen do not explode
  • [Bug] Enemy 11, jumping to a rotating planet
  • [Bug] Enemy 7, not rotating (on a rotating planet)
  • [Bug] Bonus 3 soundtrack won’t play
  • [Bug] Enemy 15, barriers not being affected by the dragon’s attack
  • [Bug] Special planet 1, – level clear – soundtrack won’t play
  • [Bug] Crystals, effect remains after planet is destroyed
  • [Bug] Power-up not changing angle inside planet
  • [Bug] Turtle attack is not causing any reaction to the enemy
  • [Bug] Enemy 8, spit is in the wrong layer
  • [Improvement] Loading time for map level was reduced
  • [Improvement] Loader was fixed (progress)
  • [Bug] Enemy 2, receiving damage from the outside
  • [Bug] Enemy 7 (var 2), not shooting 3 bullets
  • [Improvement] New Earth shield animation
  • [Improvement] New Air shield animation
  • [Improvement] New Fire shield animation
  • [Improvement] Player shoot up/down after digging
  • [Improvement] Player shoot up/down after warping
  • [Improvement] Player movement for circular planets
  • [Improvement] New Earth win animation
  • [Improvement] New Fire win animation
  • [Improvement] New Air win animation
  • [Feature] Pro controller, handheld, 2 joy-cons: D-pad movement added

In case you have feedback or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Hope you enjoy.

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