Dev Update #1

Posted on Saturday 15th May, 2021

Zin is a small prototype that I made back in 2013 for the Ludum Dare 26, the goal of the game was to keep eating and avoid being hit by the green blocks to survive. Since the game received some good feedback, I always wanted to make a full version of it.

A few weeks ago I started expanding on the original idea of Zin and after some brainstorming and prototyping, there are few things implemented now so I would like to start sharing the progress.


The main concept of the initial prototype remains, it will be short and minimalistic. As for the mechanics, the body of the character is not in pieces anymore, the starving rule was removed and there will be more rooms to explore now.

This is one of the first tests I did before removing the starving mechanic

Among some of the new stuff, the player can now control its body mass and use it to either solve puzzles or defeat enemies; it can also possess enemies, use their abilities to attack other enemies, gain more energy, etc. There are many interesting possibilities with these mechanics.


The art will still be 2D, with a top-down camera, characters and objects won’t change their perspective relative to their movement and everything will be as minimalistic as possible.

Very first sketches for the look of the game

I’m still trying to figure out the overall look of the game by experimenting but there are few initial sketches and rough animations now, although they will evolve throughout development, the essence and drawings style will stay as is.

Very first sketch animations for the player character

Story & Audio

The story of the game is also decided and I’ll be revealing things in future posts, as for the audio, there is no progress on that yet but when I have something interesting to share, I’ll post it here too.

I am very interested in feedback of any kind, it will help a lot to improve the quality of the game, if you follow the development, please let me know your thoughts in the comments or send me an email.

Thank you for reading!

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