Dev Update #2

Posted on Saturday 22nd May, 2021

This week I implemented a new feature to improve interaction: hold the button to drop more soul, also made a rough version of the die and hit animations for the player and designed few rooms to introduce a new mechanic: soul-switch interaction.

Drop More Soul

After some playtesting, I noticed that the action of dropping soul one by one was sometimes imprecise and frustrating. When interacting with enemies the experience was not bad, however when trying to solve a puzzle that required specific amount of soul, not being able to quickly drop the desired amount was annoying.

One of the puzzles that involve using your soul

I added a new feature, when you hold the drop soul button, soul accumulates (just like if you were charging a weapon) allowing players to drop bigger loads at once, faster and more precise.

Hit & Die Animations

Hit and die are two important animations that were missing from last week’s update. Despite their rough design, a quick sketch of the action is a good way to quickly test whether an animation would work or not.

Hit and Die animations

Level Design: Soul Reactive Switches

I designed five new rooms, all of them related to one mechanic: switches that get activated by soul. Basically, to activate this type of switch you have to put a certain amount of soul on top of it and leave it there.

There is a new introductory level, to teach the basics of the mechanic; one mixed with some hazardous elements (saws, spikes, pits) to reinforce the new mechanic; one with enemies, for more challenge and finally a combination of all these elements with some puzzles to increase the difficulty.

First version of one segment of the whole level

I’m trying to use this approach as one of the pillars for the level design of this game, I think that it is a very nice way to create an adequate pacing and to reduce monotony. Another good source to create interesting levels is Ten Principles of Good Level Design to keep players engaged and to prevent boredom.

As always, if you have comments or questions, please let me know, I am very interested in your feedback.

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