Dev Update #4

Posted on Saturday 5th June, 2021

For this update now we have a new feedback to display the player’s health/soul; one more animation and new connections between rooms. In addition, the current area of the level can be played from beginning to end and all the animations from previous updates are implemented.

New Soul Feedback

Since there is now possible to charge and accumulate soul, it’s important for the player to see how much soul has been charged to be able to drop it accurately. There is now a new element in the HUD to display the player’s health/soul. I’ll be experimenting with other alternatives in the future to see if I can find a better way to show this.

Soul Meter: Shows how much soul/health does the player have

The circle/doughnut is divided in 8 segments, each one represents one piece of soul. The remaining soul is shown in white, currently charged soul (if any) in blue and soul that has already been used is semi-transparent.


This week there is only one new animation: when the player is possessing an enemy. I’ll try to exaggerate it a bit when making the final frames or maybe increase the size because when I tested it looked pretty small. I also think that one more feature that will change the overall feeling of this animation and the possessing process itself is some kind of focus, maybe a triangle on top of the character or something like that.

Player animation when possessing an enemy

In addition to the new animation, all the current sketches are implemented, the following weeks will be mostly for testing these animations and the current level design, I want to get the feeling of a full gameplay cycle so I can improve things.

Short gameplay demo

Connections between rooms

Last week I showed some of the new rooms that were added for one part of the level, for this update I included connections between those rooms to be able to test the whole area. I’m pretty sure that shapes will change later because these are just placeholders and final drawings need to be included but with the current structure, this section of the level can be played from beginning to end.

Current state of one part of the level in motion

Each room still needs to be balanced and tested several times, I also found an important bug when moving from room to room and some other small bugs but will leave these stuff for a later update.

The game is starting to get some kind of shape, which is very helpful to decide what to add, remove or improve, hopefully I will have a solid, playable version of this prototype to share with people soon. If you are interested in testing or have any questions, please let me know, leave a comment or send me an email.

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