Dev Update #5

Posted on Saturday 12th June, 2021

There is not a lot of new content to show this week, it was mostly about fixing previous animations and issues that occurred with the current level and transition between rooms. Idle and moving animations are simplified now, I fixed an important bug when passing from one room to another and tweaked some parameters for the current rooms.

Simplifying Animations

I’m trying to simplify the animations for Idling and moving, to make them more similar. The main benefit of this is reducing the amount of animations when combining actions. For example, with this new approach, dropping soul while idling or when moving, would have the same animation.

Transition animation between Idle and Move

If I continue with the current strategy, I will have to make one animation for each core action and one animation for each combination as well. I think it’s better to have few animations and dedicate more time to polish them, add nice feedback, effects, etc.

Level Design: Bugs & Tweaks

There was an issue when moving from one block of floor to another. Colliders that detected when the player changed blocks, were triggering the event I’m using one more time than expected, wrongly causing the player to fall in places where it was not supposed to fall.

Moving between blocks was fixed, now the player falls only on empty spots

The problem was originated by the type of geometry I was using in the implementation. With the composite collider in Unity, if the assigned geometry is Outlines, collisions are detected only when touching the outline of the collider; when the assigned geometry is Polygons collisions behave in a similar way as box colliders or circle colliders.

Composite collider: Geometry Type

Of course, after I know how these two options work, it’s all very obvious but I didn’t know that with composite colliders it was possible change the collision behavior. If you are having a similar issue, this might be the cause.

Room 01: Gameplay test after tweaking few parameters to make it playable

In addition to fixing that annoying bug and changing the animations, there were several changes for the current rooms, parameters that I changed to be able to complete the whole game cycle and few things I added to the editor but they are too many and too small so I won’t go into details.

Room 03: Gameplay test after tweaking few parameters to make it playable

As always, if you have anything you want to share, just leave a comment or send me an email.

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