Dev Update #6

Posted on Saturday 19th June, 2021

This week we have some progress on enemy animations, player animations and level design. For the most simple enemy, the idle animation is now complete and move animation is in progress; the original player possessing animation is now more dynamic (little ghosts appear in real time) and finally, the level design (only shape) for side B of level 1 is complete.

Enemy Animation

I finally started working on NPC animations. This week I finished the idle animation for Enemy 1 and started working on the move animation as well. It is complicated to animate things in this perspective, especially with my lack of experience in animation but it is a lot of fun.

Idle animation for Enemy 1

Possess Enemy Interaction

I had an idea about making the possessing animation more dynamic, having the little ghosts actually follow the enemy that the player is trying to possess. I finally made a first implementation for this idea and I think it’s not that bad but I’m not sure if this might be too much. Maybe after having colors, more feedback from the enemy and the actual movement for the ghosts it will feel better, have to keep testing.

Dynamic possessing animation

Level Design

The first full version of one segment of the whole level is now complete 🥳. This is only the shape of the level and still needs A LOT of work to be 100% done but this section of the level can now be tested and tweaked, which will speed of the polishing process.

Level design for side B of level 1

These past weeks I’ve been also working on other projects, will try to add updates on those as well for future posts. As always, feel free to reach out if you have any feedback, leave a comment, send me an email or whatever is better for you.

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