Dev Update #7

Posted on Saturday 26th June, 2021

This week I worked on the design of some of the game objects that were missing in previous updates. We have now some sketches for: walls, basic gates, saws, general keys and soul (the item).

From left to right: Disc Saw/Circular Saw; Key and Soul

From these three new elements, I like the first two: circular saw and key, I think that I will clean up the drawings and color them. As for the third object, which should be the soul, I think it needs more work, still looks too plain (compared to the rest), will keep experimenting until I get something I like.

Connection between rooms: Open Gate

Trying to get something interesting for the gate/walls took a lot of time. I’m still not convinced about the perspective for some of the sketches (the one with arrows and the one with crystals). I’m still learning about drawing in general and how to get decent results in this perspective so maybe will take more time. Regardless all that, I’m happy about the structure itself, I think it fits the idea of the game.

Walls tileset: work in progress

In addition, I started making tilesets, initially only for walls but what I did this week (prepare the source files) will also work for gates, floor, etc. It is still in a very early stage but tiles can be put together and look like a seamless big structure, which is good for testing.

All sketches made so far

I want to finish the initial design of all the game objects to be able to see the full picture and iterate until getting a nice result. Will try to have the rest of sketches done by next week to start testing the whole thing.

As always, if you have any comments, please let me know, this is still a work in progress but feedback of any kind is very appreciated.

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