Dev Update #8

Posted on Saturday 3rd July, 2021

For this week we have new gamepad support and a more solid visual concept of the game. I was able to put together all the important elements in the scene and test a couple of color palettes to see how the whole thing looks. I won’t say it’s not that bad but still needs a lot of work and iteration.

Gamepad Support

So far I’ve been testing the game with the mouse and keyboard, because the original prototype was made using only that but I wanted to have gamepad support since few weeks ago and finally was able to add it for this last update.

Player movement

I would say that the feeling is much better, although I also want people to be able to play using the keyboard on PC, I think that the best inputs so far are the mouse and gamepad. Once I have some kind of solid early build I will playtest and decide.

New elements & First Colors Test

Left Side: soul switch; right side: initial floor tile

In addition, one of the things missing from the game until this update was putting all the elements together to have a sense of the whole picture. This week I added two important elements: floor tiles (just the most basic tiles) and the soul switch (player places an amount of soul on top of the switch and an action occurs).

With the new floor tiles and switch designs kind of decided, I could start working adding some color and testing color palettes. I spent few hours playing with color palettes and got different results.

Using a base color palette I just modified some of the colors and tested

I’m not happy with any of the current results but with this little scene already in place, it’s easier to test several combinations of colors and iterate until getting something interesting.

Also, I think that it’s important to test the scene in-game, because the animations, effects, environmental decoration, etc, play an important role in the overall feeling so this is something that needs to be done soon too.

This one is a bit dull but doesn’t look too bad

The game is slowly starting to shape up, kind of looking more like a game and not just some random pieces of ideas scattered everywhere. There is still a lot of work to do but I’m happy to see the ideas on the screen now. This is the first time I work on this type of game and also a new way to do the art so let’s see how it turns out.

I will take a break from this prototype for few weeks, there are a couple of projects I would like to make progress on and unfinished tasks from previous games that would be nice to complete.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions or comments about this or any of the previous posts/games I’ve made, don’t hesitate to reach out, you can leave me a message here or send an email.

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