[Devlog #3] Rewards, Mini-Boss & Backgrounds

Posted on Wednesday 1st June, 2022

For this update there are few new things I want to show, mostly an iteration of previous changes such as room transitions and a new background design; also new elements: locked doors, new rewards and the very first version of a boss fight.

Rooms Transition

Last update I mentioned that now we have a map and players can navigate rooms, just like dungeon crawlers. This time I implemented a simple transition between rooms. It’s still really ugly and unfinished but functionality-wise it is working.

Transition between rooms


Another big change of this week is the implementation of rewards. I’m planning to add different items, mostly collectables and things that players need to obtain in order to make progress. When clearing a room, if there is any hidden item, it will show at the end and can be used after that.

Players can get rewards when clearing a room

Mini-Boss Fight

The idea is to add some enemies at the end of each floor to test all the new skills that the player learned throughout each main room. Before completing the first floor and continuing with the second one, players are required to defeat a mini-boss, moving quickly, avoiding and a couple of behaviors that are not shown yet.

Images are just placeholders and the difficulty of each behavior needs to be tested until the experience is somehow enjoyable.

Very first tests for a boss fight

New backgrounds

As last item for this update I want to show a new concept for the backgrounds of the game. This is a simple sketch of a new perspective and style for the stage, hopefully these new changes will make the experience a bit more interesting and match the style of the game in a better way.

The current version still needs more details, small things I want to include to make it feel alive and increase immersion. I want to test this sketch with colors and shadows, to see how much will this affect the experience visually and the feedback of the main elements, if they don’t help the overall gameplay feel better, will need to keep iterating.

Sketch for new backgrounds’ style

In addition to these new things I introduced on this update, details for the story of the game and new UI/stages concept were decided and these will be the base for new changes from now on.

As always, if you have any questions, please let me know and if you haven’t played the game, you can download it from itch.io or Game Jolt.

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