[Devlog #4] Mini-Boss Update & Bonus Level

Posted on Monday 20th June, 2022

This update will be really short but has a few new stuff: a new bonus level prototype and more progress on the mini-boss behaviors.

Bonus Level: Shoot Targets

I’m testing a new mechanic for bonus levels, I attached a hazards shooter to the platforms and when the player drops on them they shoot in a specific direction. I’m still not sure whether the final rules will be like this but you basically have to shoot targets before they reach a specific destination.

The GIF below is just a test, so imagine only few targets will come out of the black rectangles, at different speeds and you need to shoot them all, with maybe 3 possibilities to miss. Images are just placeholders.

Bonus Level: Prototype

Mini-Boss: Update

The most basic behaviors are all implemented and also the overall cycle of gameplay for this boss. Some totems appear at the edge of the level and you need to guide the enemy to destroy them.

The boss will throw few hazards at the player and then tackle in one direction, after that, a new behavior will follow. The main idea is to have a pattern for these behaviors and maybe increase the difficulty a little bit after one or two totems are destroyed.

Mini-Boss 01: Attack & Tackle

The remaining behaviors are mechanics that were taught to the player in previous rooms: follow the sequence of keys (just like the main mechanic of the game) and avoid a falling hazard (which in this case is the boss itself).

More playtesting is required to get a good balance and make it fun, trying to remove unnecessary waiting time or maybe unfair attacks, etc.

Mini-Boss 01: Follow & Fall

This is it for this week’s update, hope to have more about the new drawings soon to start showing something more interesting than just placeholder. If you you haven’t played the game, you can download it from itch.io or Game Jolt, let me know if you have any questions.

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