[Devlog #6] Background Details & Boss animations

Posted on Sunday 16th April, 2023

This week I worked on improving the current backgrounds, adding more details and variations and a couple of new animations for the first boss of the game.


I’ve been adding few details such as moss, cracks on the wall and few effects with dirt, etc. This small details will help increase variation when creating new rooms and add a bit of a more interesting look to them too.

Plain background, no Details
After adding some details

In addition, backgrounds are now separated by layers (all white) which makes it easier to also have color variation between them and hopefully help make each room feel kind of unique.

As a next step I would like to create a small tool to easily create backgrounds based on parameters such as colors, amount of details, kind of floor, etc.

First Boss’ Animations

Added a simple idle animation to the main boss and vectorized it. I’m also planning to add some kind of floating movement and of course make it slower in the game.

Original idle sketch
Colored and vectored idle animation in Unity

The last item of this week is this little splash and recovery animation that occurs when the enemy is falling down and hits the floor. I’m also planning to add an attack right when hitting the floor, not sure if it will be too much but will share an update whenever it’s done.

Hit/splash sketch animation
Hit/splash colored and vectored animation

Very short update this week and I hope to be sharing way more things in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned. You can wishlist the game or If you wanna try out an old demo you can get it from itch.io or Game Jolt, let me know if you have any questions.

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