[Devlog #8] Boss Fight – Floor 01 –

Posted on Sunday 30th April, 2023

This week’s update is about the first floor’s boss fight. I added some remaining animations that were not implemented in the first iteration; also added some new behaviors, including random hazards, new attacks, etc; finally a new door to move between floors (after beating the boss).

New trapdoor

This is the initial design for a door that connects two different floors. Very similar to other games, a simple trapdoor that allows players to move from one floor to the other. This door is unlocked once players beat the boss and after that can freely use it to move up and down.

Opened and closed trapdoor
This is a sample of how the trapdoor looks in-game

Boss 01: New Animations

All the remaining animations for the first boss of the game are now complete. The following Gifs are sketch animations drawn for each missing behavior.

Boss 01 appear sketch animation
Boss 01 tackle sketch animation
Boss 01 hit totem sketch animation
Boss 01 totem appear sketch animation

Full fight and in-game animations

In addition to sketching and vectorizing all the boss fight new animations, they were also implemented in-game, along with few behaviors and hazards that were incomplete. The main purpose to add these things all at once is to see how they feel when playing, test the full cycle behavior and be able to fix important issues before adding details and polishing the whole level.

Testing new hazards for Boss 01 fight

As you can see, some of the animations still need some work. Two of the hazards are just placeholders; the boss animations need shadows, maybe more effects and the totem destroy animation is incomplete.

Fixing tackle collision for the boss

The good thing is that once the whole fight is balanced and tested, adding those missing details will not take a lot of time and can share it with people to try.

Testing all new elements together: it’s still too difficult

Hopefully you got enough details to understand how the boss battle will be once the game is done. There are still several issues to fix but now there is a solid base to fully test the level until it feels right and can soon prepare to share it with people.

As always, You can wishlist the game on Steam or If you wanna try out an old demo you can get it from itch.io or Game Jolt, let me know if you have any questions.

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