Snaky Survivor: A Tiny Adventure

Posted on Friday 1st September, 2023

I’m really excited to announce our first Early Access game: Snaky Survivor

Guide a snake-like character as it gathers soul fragments to stave off hunger, weaving through hazardous obstacles in a race against time.

Snaky Survivor: Early Access

As you can see, the game is very minimal, it’s meant to be played casually, using your reflexes and skills. Despite its simplicity, it can be quite challenging, especially because the level of difficulty might vary depending on how you play.

In order to progress from level to level, you will have to “pay” part of your soul, it means it’s not enough to only clear a level, you also need to gather enough soul to continue playing. You’ll also be able to use your soul to purchase stars that allow you to replay a level in case you fail.

There are many ideas to expand the game so we would like to involve the community as much as possible to create a nice experience together. If you have comments, ideas or any kind of thoughts please feel free to share them, we have a Discord server, where we plan to add updates, announcements and discuss directly with players about the game.

Snaky Survivor slithers its way through Steam on September 14. If this seems like your kind of game, go ahead and wishlist it on Steam , Game Jolt or

For streamers and press in general, we prepared a press kit that you can checkout here or download from Google Drive here.

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