Snaky Survivor is OUT NOW!

Posted on Friday 15th September, 2023

I know that this post comes a li’l bit late but…

Snaky Survivor is OUT!! 🐍💀

Guide a snake-like character as it gathers soul fragments to stave off hunger, weaving through hazardous obstacles in a race against time.

The reason I took time to post the announcement here is because I was preparing something for you, to explain the game in more detail.

Snaky Survivor in less than 2 minutes

I tried show you the most important features briefly and also added subtitles, in case things are not clear (I’m not too good at narrating stuff).

I truly hope you enjoy the game, I’ll continue working on it to add more features and content, if you want to get involve in the development, you can join our Discord or just add your thoughts on Steam.

Thank you!

Fiery Squirrel

PS: Enjoy the discount, it only lasts 1 week!!!

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