Snaky Survivor: Autumn Update

Posted on Saturday 11th November, 2023
Snaky Survivor: Autumn Update

I’ve been testing this new update for a couple of weeks and I’m very excited to finally share it with you all. This new changes are themed around Autumn; it was initially planned to be a Halloween themed updated but decided to spend more time polishing the content and adding more new stuff.


There is a new bomb type of enemy, it will explode after few seconds and whatever that is in the area (Player or Soul) will get hurt. In addition, if you or maybe the lasers hits it, it will explode too and cause the same effect.


This new enemy appears at the edge of the screen and aims at the player when appearing. It will follow a path straight to the player but without re-aiming so it’s not as deadly but can go through walls, which tries to [i]force[/i] the player to change position wherever it is


We have 15 new levels now, all of them featuring the new enemies in combination with the original ones. Depending on how the update is received, new levels might be added with these new enemies to increase the content and challenge as well

New Ideas

  • Level editor
  • Color theme editor
  • Zen mode: no time, more relaxed and less pressure
  • More dodging skills
  • Randomly generated levels
  • Leaderboard & Achievements
  • More levels

What’s Next?

From the previous list of ideas I’ll probably pick few and keep adding stuff to improve the experience. If there is anything from the list that you would like to play/experience first, just let me know and I’ll make it happen sooner. Also, if you have any other suggestions, feel free to share them, the game will keep evolving and would be great to have your input for that!

Hope you enjoy the update,

— Fiery Squirrel

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