Posted on Monday 28th July, 2014

Hello everybody!

This is the first post of (hopefully) a lot and I just want to give a simple brief about what this is about.

I finally created something oficially for Fiery Squirrel to showcase games I made or worked on and added a blog to start talking about my short experience on the game development field. I believe that this is a good way to learn and help others learn too.

The website will be constantly evolving, hopefully for better, I’m going to add more information, more games, and talk about what I’m doing and I did with Fluff Eaters and Collow. I will also talk a little bit about upcoming projects.

I don’t want to make promises here (about when I’m going to post), since the last time I did, I ended up posting nothing so what I’m going to do is try to save some time to write about specific things of the development of these two games and focus on the most difficult stuff (using OpenFL, designing the games, etc).

The site and the blog will be written in English because I think it’s a good way to reach a wider audience, however, it’s very clear that I’m not native so if there is anything that you don’t understand or i made any mistake, please let me know about it and I will happily fix it.

Feel free to write comments, start discussions or whatever you want.

Next post will be focused on the story behind Fluff Eaters and Collow, I will not go on any details of implementation or development, only how they were born, why, who were involved in those projects and maybe how will they keep growing with time.

The topics of development will cover OpenFL and Haxe, I will not make any tutorial since I don’t think I have enough knowdledge to do that but I do have a long list of things I struggled with.

I want to share some things related to promotion and maybe events as well, probably will be short but there some few things I consider are relevant in this area.

Anyway, I’m glad that finally was able to keep this running and maybe that was the most difficult part. If there is anything you want to know in particular, feel free to ask.

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