Welcome Cosmic Defenders!

Posted on Wednesday 17th April, 2019


Back in January this year, I mentioned that we had some good news and announcements to share with people. Today I’m happy to finally present you: Cosmic Defenders , the new title of our (in development) game for the Nintendo Switch.

The project has kept growing and been updated with new ideas, mechanics and content; these new elements gave the game a much more dynamic and interesting feeling, so we decided to update its title to a name that represented its concept in a more suitable way.

Although the look of the game itself remains the same, we closely worked with an amazing graphic designer, Gabriel Balda, to create a new logo that captured the essence of what the game represents, its core mechanics, story and overall feeling. Gabriel was able to translate the spirit and soul of the project into a fresh, vivid representation that included several features of the game.

Not only for the logo creation but also for other art, graphics related aspects of Cosmic Defenders, Gabriel’s support has been paramount. In case you are interested to see more about his work, you can go and check out his website.

I hope that you are as excited as we are for the new updates of our project, there will be more announcements soon so please stay tuned and thank you for reading!

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