Partnership with Natsume and E3!

Posted on Friday 19th April, 2019

I’m thrilled to finally announce that we are working with Natsume Inc., a game publishing company with 25 years of trajectory, best known for titles such as Harvest Moon and Reel Fishing.

Our new title, Cosmic Defenders, is now part of their ‘Natsume Indie Program’, a new iniciative to support indie game developers and bring new games to a wider audience.

Fiery Squirrel and Natsume are closely working together to bring players the best from Cosmic Defenders. It’s very exciting to be working with such a great company, I hope that people enjoy the game as much as we enjoy making it.

Last but not least, the game will be presented at the E3 2019, which is awesome news. It is the first time for Fiery Squirrel to have a game at the event and a great opportunity to connect with new players to show them what we have been passionately working on.

We will be posting more updates soon, stay tuned to our social media and, in case you are attending the E3 this year, come and discover what Cosmic Defenders and Natsume’s new Indie Program have for you.

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