Cosmic Defenders’ Journey Begins Today!

Posted on Thursday 11th June, 2020

The day is finally here and I still can believe it. it’s being now almost three years since the development of this game started, a lot of work and passion were poured into this game.

Cosmic Defenders started as a little prototype at a Game Jam back in 2017. For its release version, most of the core mechanics from the initial prototype remain: circular movement, using houses (bases) to encourage cooperation and a very hectic gameplay. New elements were included while mechanics evolved through development but still the simple original concept stayed the same.

You can still play the original prototype on your browser, by the way!

Cosmic Defenders is the first game that Fiery Squirrel releases on console devices and the first game on the Nintendo Switch. As many indie game developers of my generation, this is a dream come true. Me as a child, playing Super Mario Bros on the NES at that time would have never imagined that he was going to create and release a game on a Nintendo console.

This is a great day and I would like to use this post, the release post, to show my appreciation to all those amazing people who contributed to create, promote, test and launch Cosmic Defenders, without them, this wouldn’t have been possible.

First of all, I would like to thank Nintendo (especially Nintendo Japan). They helped throughout the process of development and release, thanks to them, parts of the game were improved significantly leading to a better experience. Thank you!

To the whole Natsume Inc. team, formed of amazing people that contributed not only by publishing the game but also helping to shape its core concept, debugging, testing, localization, etc, their expertise really made the difference. In addition, thanks to Natsume, Cosmic Defenders was presented at the E3 in 2019. Thank you!

To Gabriel Balda, who designed the amazing logo of the game, illustrated all the PR assets for the E3 and supported the game throughout its development, as an advisor and mentor for all the concept art of Cosmic Defenders, the game wouldn’t be the same without his help. Thank you!

To a couple of talented musicians that composed fantastic soundtracks and sound effects for the game. Hyenaedon, responsible for all the soundtracks in the Story Mode and the majority of the sound effects for the game. Stefano Merino, responsible for the soundtracks for the Battle Mode and Survival Mode. In addition, Stefano was the composer of our first released game: Fluff Eaters. Thank you both!

To Kanae Sasa, for her support during events such as Tokyo Sandbox, Bitsummit and Tokyo Game Show and Japanese translations related to these events and social media. Thank you!

A very special shout out to my family and friends who not only supported the whole project during development but also helped immensely by playtesting, giving feedback and comments which were paramount to improve the overall experience of the game.

If you play the game and like it, go to these people’s websites, social media, etc., follow them and show them your appreciation. Even though Fiery Squirrel is a “one-man team”, Cosmic Defenders was actually made by all of them as well, directly or indirectly, every one of them contributed with the creation of this game. Thank you very much!

I want to close this post saying that this is only the beginning of the story, there are plans to update the game after release with new content, improvements, fixes, etc.

Please, let me know your comments and feedback, I will use them to improve the game and create a much better experience. Feel free to contact us on Twitter, Facebook or send us an e-mail (henry (at), all messages are welcome!

I truly hope that the game brings joy and entertainment to your world and makes a difference in a meaningful way.  Without further ado, let the Cosmic Defenders’ journey begin!

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