Fiery Squirrel is a developer of digital games. Crafting experiences dedicated to impact players' world in a meaningful way through simple and enthusiastic games.

Released Games

Cosmic Defenders

2D fast-paced revolving shooter about a group of unconventional heroes using the power of nature to stop chaotic aliens from taking over the universe.

Fluff Eaters

An unusual adventure about a purple cat against a bunch of Fluffs. Casual platformer for Android and iOS. Presented at Tokyo Game Show, Pax South and Tokyo Indie Fest.



Snaky Survivor: Demo

Snaky Survivor: Autumn Update

Snaky Survivor is OUT NOW!

Snaky Survivor slithers into Early Access in ONE WEEK!

Snaky Survivor: A Tiny Adventure

Munchie Strikers: Announcement

[Devlog #8] Boss Fight – Floor 01 –

[Devlog #7] Level Design & Unity Editor

[Devlog #6] Background Details & Boss animations

[Devlog #5] Tokyo Game Show 2022: Nothing Stops Gaming

[Devlog #4] Mini-Boss Update & Bonus Level

[Devlog #3] Rewards, Mini-Boss & Backgrounds

[Devlog #2] New Map & Rooms

[Devlog #1] The Origin of Koa

Dev Update #8

Dev Update #7

Dev Update #6

Dev Update #5

Dev Update #4

Dev Update #3

Dev Update #2

Dev Update #1

Cosmic Defenders: 1.0.2 Update Full Changelog

Cosmic Defenders’ Journey Begins Today!

Unity Editor: Save Changes to Object References

Partnership with Natsume and E3!

Welcome Cosmic Defenders!

Analyzing Console Game Releases

Fiery Squirrel in 2018

Chaotic aliens, New Features and Development

Cosmos Defenders: Unconventional Heroes Against Chaotic Aliens

Analytics Manager: Haxe & OpenFL

Tile Editor for Unity: Part II

Tile Editor for Unity: Part I

Progress, Level Edition and Game Jam’s Feedback

Inkscape Parser for OpenFL (Haxe)

Level Editor

SORLD: Ludum Dare 38

Graphic Manager

7 Tips to Improve Your Experience at Ludum Dare

Code Base System: Screen Manager

See you later Bouncy!

How to Create an Extension for Lime/Haxelib